Currie Accounting Services Ltd.



Client Services

We offer a wide range of cost effective accounting services to both individuals and businesses. Services provided include the following:

Individual Clients:

  • Personal tax planning and forecasting;
  • Personal income tax returns;
  • Tax shelters (humanitarian trusts);
  • Income splitting;
  • Real estate taxation;
  • Trust and estate tax returns (deceased persons);
  • New immigrant tax returns;
  • Canadian emigrant returns and planning;
  • U.S. tax returns;
  • Audit assistance;
  • Tax adjustments, corrections, and appeals.

Business Clients:

  • Corporate tax returns;
  • Tax planning for businesses;
  • Business financial plan preparation;
  • Financial statements;
  • Loan application assistance;
  • GST and PST remittances (monthly; quarterly; and annually);
  • Payroll services - complete and customized;
  • Preparations of T4s, T5s, etc.;
  • WCB (Workers Compensation Board) premiums;
  • Correspondence with all levels of government;
  • Preparation of T5018s (construction industry only);
  • Simply Accounting and QuickBooks implementation assistance;
  • Bookkeeping services.